20+ Comfy Small Scandinavian Bathroom Design Ideas

The healing and calming properties of steam have long since been known to be beneficial not only in terms of health but also in beauty by invigorating the skin. Today, you need not go travel to Scandinavian countries or head to the nearest expensive fitness and health clubs to experience rejuvenation as you can have a modern sauna in the comforts of your own home through bathroom remodeling. Size is not an issue as these contemporary bath features can easily fit into even a moderately sized bathroom.

Another spa-like option but with a more modern twist that you can choose is to have a steam shower. Occupying a space similar to that of a typical shower, you can already enjoy a nice steam shower or even a whirlpool bath. Each compact unit has very attractive additional features like full-dimensional back massages, radio and telephone, CD player and remote control.

Ideally, after a satisfying bath, you would want to reach out to warm and fluffy towels and for a small investment you can enjoy these by having towel warmers.

Another great idea to add into your bathroom remodeling plan to maximize warmth and comfort is having a warming system installed under bathroom tiles. This should take off the apprehension of stepping into a cold floor after getting warmed up in the shower.

This term which may be new to some people is a branch of holistic healing that has evolved into a trend in bathroom remodeling and design which is increasingly gaining popularity. This lighting scheme makes use of the known coordination of colors that change to create a relaxing and stimulating ambiance. Chromatherapy options can be enjoyed with several bathroom features like shower systems, bathtubs, and even sinks.

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