20+ Great Farmhouse Hutch Design Ideas

Do you have a hutch in your dining room? What do you keep in it? Dining room hutches are the equivalent of bedroom dressers and armoires, where the shelves are behind cabinet doors, even if their contents are visible to the rest of the room. Indeed, hutches and welsh dressers often denote the same item of furniture. The word dresser is commonly used in England, while neighboring countries elsewhere in Europe speak about a “buffet”.

Hutches are often made out of wood and it is possible to have either an open or closed deck. Smartly placed lighting, often underneath the shelves, then illuminates the porcelain, cut glass or other valuables on display. Styles may vary, but are typically centered on rustic or country farmhouse themes.

If you have decided that your dining room could benefit from one of the hutches available, then first think about how a hutch would look in your house. They are imposing pieces of furniture and you want to be as sure as possible that one of these will fit in with what you already have in place. As contemporary designs are not really the goal of hutches, you will often be limited to furniture made out of a material such as pine. Although there are variations possible in the tint of the pine according to the staining choices of different manufacturers, you are still within a fairly narrow band of possibilities. Oak and chestnut are other possibilities as well – just don’t expect to see a chrome and vinyl dining room one, at least, not yet.

Getting your hutch in through the door of your dining room is another challenge sometimes. These furnishings are built to impress, from their overall size and dimensions, to the “presence” created with crested tops and so on. Although some of them may separate into two pieces to allow for easier transport and installation, this is by no means the case for all models. If you have the slightest doubt about installing a hutch in your dining room, then check the measurements and check to see if, by good fortune, you have also selected a model that lends itself to this kind of operation.

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