30+ Coolest And Cozy Home Sauna Design Ideas

If you want the health and wellness benefits of steam without going to the spa, then you can either buy a home unit pre fabricated or create your own sauna design. It does not take a builder, planner or even an architect to draw up sauna plans. All it takes is a little knowledge and some creativity.

There are several things to work out before you start your design. The first thing is to figure out what you want the sauna for. Is it for medicinal and wellness purposes, such as to treat chronic back pain, soreness or sprains like an active person or athlete might need? Will you need an infrared one to try and help with such conditions as arthritis or obesity? The planned usage of the sauna will factor greatly into your sauna plans.

When choosing a sauna design, you must also decide if it will be located inside or outside. The type of wood and paneling you use to build sauna character as well as their functionality for indoors or out. If you want an indoor sauna, then your sauna plans can include electrical outlets and the wood on the outside is not as much of a concern. On the flip side, if you want an outdoor unit, you will need specially treated wood and some kind of paneling over the roof in your sauna design.

Now that you have these essential things decided on, you can start your sauna design. All units, no matter how big or for what use, usually have a few things in common. They have a space for the heater (no matter if it is electric or a more natural one such as a rock heater). There also has to be some empty or ‘wasted’ space to let the steam travel and ensure that the whole room does not get so hot or humid that breathing is difficult. Another thing you must include in your sauna plans build sauna benches. There should be an upper and a lower bench in each, with enough width so that the average person can comfortably lie down on one or both to relax.

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