30+ Easy Diy Backyard Fire Pits Design Ideas

If you’ve been looking at buying a fire pit, then you’re probably already aware that you can buy ready-made models that only require some simple assembly. But wouldn’t it be nice to create your own fire pit? One that’s uniquely yours? You don’t need a complicated set of blueprints to build your own fire pit – you just need to have an idea in your head of what you’re trying to create.

It doesn’t take a lot to build a fire pit for barbequing or an outdoor campfire. A DIY fire pit can cost next to nothing to construct, apart from some time and hard work, and is even cheaper if you already have some materials such as bricks or rocks on hand.

The first step is to choose a safe location for your fire pit. Make sure it’s nowhere near any structures that could catch fire, and locate it away from any backyard traffic zones. It’s also worth talking to your local fire department in case you need to know any particular rules or information before starting. Organize to have some stones or bricks ready for lining the inside of your fire pit. Then all you need to do is dig the hole. This might take a few hours of hard work with a shovel, but that’s all.

Once your hole is deep enough, use the stones or bricks to line the perimeter of the hole, and continue these materials above the ground. You need the stones around the top to form a windbreak and to stop soil falling into the fire. If you want something a little fancier, you can build a stucco pit above the ground.

Use magazines and the Internet to help give you lots of great ideas for your fire pit design. Think about your existing home and outdoor furniture, and design your fire pit to complement these existing elements in your backyard. If you’re really stuck for ideas or want to create something a little more complicated, it’s possible to order plans online that include a list of materials, and it’s generally not very expensive.

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