30+ Enchanting Attic Kids Room Decor Ideas

Do you have an attic in your house? Lucky You! You can decorate your attic however you like and create your own favorite corner in the house, or even an extra place for your children or your guests. Depending on your attics’ space and on your own personal taste, you can finally have an attic that fulfils your needs.

Need an extra bedroom? The attic can turn into a beautiful private bedroom for a friend that stays the night, a visiting couple, or a relative from out of town. Use light shades and soft fabric materials; you don’t want your guest to get tired and dizzy from the lively colors.

Instead, create a pleasant, romantic atmosphere. You will need a single or, if there is enough space, a double bed, a small closet with drawers and one or two small bedside tables. A big, elegantly shaped mirror will add several points and will make the room seem spacious. If the room is already spacious enough, you can place a bedroom chair facing the window. Add a dreamcatcher or a wind chime and enjoy the results!

How about a playroom for your children? They would love to have their own, “No Moms Allowed!” space for their toys, their games and their imagination. You will need a soft, warm carpet to keep the room cozy during wintertime. Don’t carpet the corners though, as you will need some room to swap out for a lighter, cooler carpet for the summer days. You will also need large pillows or soft inflatable chairs.

When opting for a playroom, use lively colors that will keep the children excited and happy. This room could have a small TV and DVD play set, videogames, board games, many toys, and puzzles, whatever a kid needs! Don’t place sporting material such as bouncers, trampolines and swings because the roof is too low in attics and the children might get hurt while playing.

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