42 Minimalist Living Room Ideas On A Budget Ideas

They say that home is where the heart is and the heart of every home is the living room. This room generally reflects the overall feeling or atmosphere or the kind of family or a person living in the house. House is an extension of the personality of the owner. Further, living room is important because this is where guests and visitors are welcomed upon their arrival.

A living room revamp doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. There are many ways that you can do without having to sacrifice your three months worth of salary or a lifetime worth of savings. You only have to separate your “needs” from “wants” to “considerable wants”. Classify your furniture or accessories under three (3) categories. These categories can be “for keeping”, “for throwing” or “for revamp”.

First things first!

Second, decide on your theme, mo-tiff or the ambiance you want to achieve. Living room for a big family is different from a smaller family. A couple’s space is also different from a bachelor’s and/or bacholerette’s. There are many great ideas found on the internet and better yet you can hold a family or a couple discussion where you an incorporate all of the ideas that you need.

For a family living room, make sure to make good use of necessary points not all the points because the living room might look like a disaster. When kids or babies are in the house, make sure that the space is child friendly and free of expensive chinas and porcelain.

A couple’s living room is quite easy. You can balance what he/she needs and wants. Try enlisting all your favorite colors and themes and find the one that you both agree with. It’s also great to have the design to be reflective of your combined yet different personalities that will make your area unique.

People living by themselves relatively has easiest way of deciding which design they want achieved for their living rooms. However, living alone can be quite lonely so make sure you think of creative ways to make your friends drop by frequently. These include really comfortable bean bags, a nice set book shelves or a very artistic focal wall.

Liven up the the space on a budget

Five easy steps to instantly beautify your living room just remember to never compromise the comfort and safety of your loved ones.

1. Clear off clutter – A dirty room defeats the purpose of a very expensive or a beautiful living room.

2. Make a focal wall – having to focus on a specific part of the living such as bare and boring wall will save you money. This is where you can splash a nice color that compliments the mo-tiff of your living room then hang or place equally interesting wall pieces to accentuate. You can also hang clocks and other similar things.

3. Paint your Furniture – Reinvent that old piece of furniture painting with a new color. You can add textures or use different handles to accentuate.

4. Adding pillows is the oldest trick of the trade. By just using a different design, style and color of pillowcases, you just add a pop of color. You can use colors in the same color family shade such as navy blue and powder blue or as long as they match together such as nudes and roses.

5. Work on your budget – never get tired of looking for the best bargain and discount shops. You can search the internet for good options and websites that provide quality yet affordable items. Try overstock.com, crateandbarrel.com, furniturestorenyc.com, eBay.com and Amazon.com. Google has never been this reliable.

If your furniture and accessories have been collecting dusts or feeds off the termites then its high – time for that fashionable living room you or your family so deserve.


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