42 Modern Zen Water Fountain Ideas For Garden

Gardens are the ornament of any household and the value is increased manifold if the garden is big and well maintained. But the garden not only offers economic life, but also ensures a balance of the energies and helps to ward off evil spirits.

Zen garden water features offer the perfect balance of yin-yang energies, colors and shape of flora. And because of this the Zen gardens even though centuries old have become a rage these days.

Zen garden uses as much natural articles, like bamboos, pebbles, woods, etc as possible. This helps in attracting the natural and good vibrations and also to keep the negativities away. Every garden water feature under the Zen style has a striking feature and that is that it a perfect balance of yin i.e. water and yang i.e. earth, thus every family member is accounted for.

Zen garden extensively uses trees, large shrubs of different colors, shapes and sizes among other things.

The basic Zen garden water features are pools, fountains, ponds, waterfalls and the associated bridges and round about pathways. Water is a basic element of the Zen garden offering yin energy, which is most essential for growth and gives a boost in positive chi. This translates into better family relations and also helps in the flow of money and the overall environment is made more calm and serene.

Pools either natural or man-made offer a very pleasing sight. Pools as a Zen garden water feature offers the household stability and also lifts the mood of the entire family. If lights are added to the pools to highlight specific areas, then it balances by providing the necessary yang energy.

Ponds also offer stability but the added advantage is that it also offers depth of understanding and thus is very beneficial in those households with students. Adding plants will give the yang energy and also stimulate the growth and allow better flow of money into the family.

Similarly waterfalls and fountains are rich sources of yin energy and need to balance by adding sand and pebbles. If these Zen garden water features are used properly they will make your lives better.

Last but not the least no Zen garden is complete without a Buddha Statue and the best position to keep it in is the middle of any of the garden water feature for the perfect balance.


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