46 Easy Tuscan Design Ideas For Living Room

Tuscan-inspired themes are one of the best designs you can apply on your homes. The beauty of the outside world is being brought inside the walls of your house. You get to play with colors of earthy tones mostly of natural stone colors. The beauty of it is that all elements used in creating the design have a natural effect to you, giving you the warmth and comfort of what a home should be.

Your homes might have a lot of space and monotonous designs that you want to break in your living room. If you intend to adapt a Tuscan theme in your homes, you can do it for less without having to shell too much money. They key is to shop for simple tips that can help you give the feeling of what Tuscan home should be.

Most of the Tuscan homes have walls built with stones of various kinds. Marble as they say is a very important element. Others may have their walls stuccoed. For those who have stonewalls, they keep it as it is. This is very important, as having this theme will deal a lot of texture. If you have do not have this, you can simply choose a wallpaper that could give this effect.

To break the monotony of the walls, you can add a metal wall grille. You can look for rustic designs that you can hang anywhere in your homes. Anything that looks like a blast and the past yet still are durable and has earthy and irony look can be used to put accents on your flat walls.

If you have a little extra to your budget, you can change your furniture into wood. They should have this antique quality. Anything that you put in your home should reflect the times; way back modern art was introduced. Wooden stools and cabinets are welcome to complete the theme.

Most of the floors of a Tuscan home are made of a terracotta tiles, hardwood or natural stones. This gives also texture and natural colors to your floor. However, if this is out of the budget, you can put mats and rugs on the floor that can resemble the look and colors of the aforementioned floor materials. You can also add a big clay pot with a green plant on the corners.

Other accessories added for you living room are candles, jars and other wooden items with dark colors and earthy tones (reflecting the sun, the hills and the stones) for decoration. They should be nothing fancy about them and they should all look natural and woody. Additional accessories that you can use on the wall aside from the metal wall grille are fabrics with woven textures like Burlap or Abaca. You can hang it on the wall if they have great designs and it will be a perfect alternative to paintings. You can also add mosaic works with dark frames put them on the walls or you can create mini versions and put it on shelves, to add color and texture to your wood joints or shelves.


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